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Updated Thursday August 1, 2019 by Mascoma Youth Sports League.

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  1. Collected Coaching Resource Materials:  Need ideas on how to help your team transition from one activity to the next? Looking for some help with age-appropriate drills that are fun? How best to communicate with parents?  Suggestions for camps and clinics for extended season play? Check this out!

  2. Pinterest Board with Specific Articles about Youth Sports:  Includes ideas for healthy snacks, cheat sheets with hand signals that refs use, concussion and sports injury info, coaching youth sports, photography and craft projects, and much more!

  3. Rules of the Game:  MYSL is part of the Upper Valley Rec Association and uses those rules as a basis for our teams.  We also expect all players, coaches, parents, and fans to adhere to our Zero Tolerance sportsmanship policy. See below for both as attachments.

  4. While we hope that discussions can solve any issues that come up during the season, we do have a Grievance form and protocol in place. See form below.

MYSL Zero Tolerance Policy.pdf
Scholarship Application Form_MYSL..pdf
Soccer and Field Hockey Registration Form.pdf